the eChamps…

Here are our eChamps for 2011. They will be working hard to bring you all the conference info and fun, where-ever you are in the world…

Introducing Edgar Mirantz Tan:

“Born and bred in the tiny island of Singapore, Edgar is a Broadcaster with Australia’s largest ethnic community station, 3ZZZ, based in Melbourne, Victoria. He produces and hosts the multicultural youth program, Polyfonix. He is also one of the trainers and council member for the station – the youngest. Other than being involved with radio, he works as a nurse. In his spare time, he likes eating, drinking (non-alcoholic) and is a tech geek.”

and the fabulous Edilene Lopes do Carmo:

” I am Edilene from Brazil. I have been living in Adelaide for the last three years and I have been a volunteer at Radio Adelaide for the past two years. In Brazil, I used to work as a journalist and in some community projects as a public relations professional. I am looking forward to bringing you all the conference news with the other eChamps.”

and here is Ramnik Singh Walia:

“My name is Ramnik Singh Walia and I am from the beautiful state “Tasmania”. I have just completed my Masters in Journalism, Media and Communications and I am looking forward to launch a food guide by the end of next year.
Friends apart from writing, I also work as a radio presenter with two radio stations in Tasmania, namely, “City Park Radio, Launceston” and “Edge Radio, Hobart”. I love to work at community radio station as it is the best medium which provides me an opportunity to showcase my Indian heritage through songs and on air interviews. Thanks to NEMBC for providing me a golden opportunity …….  Finally I am an eChamp!”

say Kia Ora to Tane Karamaina:

“I’m Tāne and I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I have been in Brisbane for the past 4 years. I have been involved with Radio 4EBFM [who broadcast in more than 50 languages!] for the past year as broadcaster, panel operator and as Vice-Convenor for Te Karanga o te Kowhai Māori Radio Group. I love chatting in my heritage tongue, New Zealand Māori and I have passion for revitalizing it as a community language. I currently volunteer for Spiritus as a homework tutor for refugee students. In the past I have mentored Pasifika and Māori students at the University of Auckland helping them achieve better grades at university.”

and here is Marlina Prasetia:

“I came from Indonesia seven years ago, been living in Sydney ever since and been involved in Radio2000 from 2009. Love exploration, nothing beats the excitement of first experience; this is why I came into radio. My background is Interior Design, I love creative works either its manual or digital & photography is another passion of mine.”

let’s not forget alex yongai:

‘My name is Alex Yongai and I was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Because of the civil war in my country at the time, My cousin Edison Yongai had no other option but to flee with me and the entire family to the neighboring country Guinea. In Guinea we were allowed to seek refuge but the Guineans were also inhumanly treating us simply because we were refugees and we were living in there country. We had no voice and no one to speak for us. It was only when Australian government with the United Nation High commission for Refugees accepted for us to settle in our new country, Australia. I got into the radio because I believe one persons voice can be amplified to the community and to the world.’

and the amazing Lensa Dinka:

“I From East Africa Oromia, with my husband. Ilife was good there. .. Old Ethiopian regimen gone & replaced with current regimen, the twin disasters. Systemic prisoning & torturing continued.  I escaped  prison & torture leaving many behind, they have no power! still no power! but suffer. After various misfortunes arrived to Australia 1999.  Now a Division I nurse at Southern Health, volunteer in Australian Oromo Community, Afaan Oromo program, @3zzz radio (SUN 1-2 pm, 92.3FM), Oromo health team, Women, ‘Whise” for Refugee Home Visit.  Very passionate about helping my people who have long suffered human rights violation in Ethiopia, by providing education, information, self-development & self-reliance to  lead a normal life as possible here in Australia. My heart goes with those still suffering.  I believe through the media the voiceless may have the voice. I love Oromia & Australia!”

and of course the awesome Aneel Mazhar:

“I’m Aneel from Brisbane. I spent my early childhood in Nigeria, grew up in Pakistan and have been living in Brisbane, Australia for the last 7 years, so I am no stranger to multiculturalism. I am an electronics engineer by profession, a social scientist by nature and a radio broadcaster by choice. For the past 16 months I have been part of the broadcasting team for the Pakistani program on Radio 4EB (98.1FM) in Brisbane, Queensland. I love community radio, and appreciate the opportunity it provides to me to share the art and language of Pakistan with the world, and to meet people from other cultures. I am also an active member of Aavaaz Inc., a community organization that seeks to bring youth together through art and music. I enjoy listening to music from all world cultures, and hope to one day cook the perfect pancake!”

and also the wonderful Rose Colombo:

“Rose is one of the volunteers of the ‘Movimento’ team that in 2010 took on the responsibility of broadcaster by producing and hosting the Italian Youth radio program on Radio 2000 on 98.5FM that broadcasts on Saturday nights from 6.00pm – 7.00pm.  Rose became involved in radio in 2000, undertaking basic roles in administration and certain aspects of event organization.  This was the ground work that would lead her to becoming the lead broadcaster in 2010. This program is proudly sponsored by the Mamma Lena & Dino Gustin Foundation. Outside of the radio Rose is recognized for her work in the international trade industry and is a professional industry trainer. As teaching is her passion, she has extended this into other areas including volunteer teaching in a local Primary School.”

lastly but not leastly Nikhil Wable:

“Nikhil presents the Hindi language Indian program on CMS community radio FM 91.1.   He started radio broadcasting in February 2009.  He was born in India and brought up in Australia.  He studied Information Management and IT at the University of Canberra.  He is a library professional and works at the National Library of Australia as a cataloguer.  His mother tongue is Marathi which is another Indian language.  He is a keen music lover.”

eChamp Leaders:

this is Rachael Bongiorno – Youth and Women’s Officer

“Rachael is the Youth and Women’s Officer at the NEMBC. She has around eight years experience in community radio and is committed to creating media content that promotes greater social and environmental awareness. She has broadcast on 3ZZZ fm, SBS Radio and SYN. She currently works for the NEMBC on programs and projects supporting the engagement of women, youth and new and emerging communities in community broadcasting. Rachael will be assisting echamps after the training and conference broadcast is completed.”

and the amazing Hsin-Yi Lo – Conference Logistics @hsinyilo

“My name is Hsin-Yi, I am currently working at the NEMBC, helping them to organise their 2011 National Conference. I am a reporter for the Victorian Government Youth Website Youthcentral and I am a Producer for the national radio program Accent of Women, recorded in 3CR Community Radio Station. I am currently an Executive Committee Member for Deakin Golden Key”

and finally Erin McCuskey – Multimedia Trainer (yum productions) @erin_mcc

“i’m the yum creative director, and I arrive from a large irish family background where we each fought for attention, space and response. as such I’ve had plenty of practice in fighting for what I believe in. my work is informed by the knowledge that difference is a necessary part of society, and the core of a healthy one. Erin has worked in media for a million years and has won national awards for her work”