the Project

Champions of Change…

Ten people from around Australia, camera, laptop, portable recorder and phone, accredited training, one national conference and two days of broadcasting…

Traditional broadcasting is in revolution, never before has the means to mass broadcast been more accessible to more people. We are the people, and as technology is ever changing – we need to be part of the transformation.

At this year’s NEMBC National Conference, 26th November in Launceston, ten lucky people will get access to accredited training to develop their online media skills and extend their broadcasting capacity.

The training will include some online preparation and a full day of training in Launceston on Friday the 25th November. These champions will become eChamps, who will be assisting with the online coverage of the conference sessions, interviews with conference delegates and passing on your online media skills to broadcasters back at their station.

If you cant be an eChamp, be the next best thing – an eChamp Stringer and lead your community to the path of change. If you want to be a Stringer please email Rachael.

You can read more about this project here.