NEMBC 2015 Annual Conference

NEMBC 2015 Annual Conference

The NEMBC is pleased to announce that our annual National Conference for 2015 will be held in Melbourne from 27-29 November.

This year we'll also be commemorating 30 years of the NEMBC with the conference theme ‘30 years: Create – Connect – Celebrate’.

The conference will consider the development of ethnic community broadcasting since it started in the 1970s, and the ongoing work to maintain our principles of independence, diversity and multiculturalism.

The keynote speaker will be Mr Stefan Romaniw OAM, Executive Director of Community Languages Australia. We will also have an expert panel discussion, and workshop presentations on pertinent issues facing our sector and communities, including growing racism and intolerance in Australian society, and the impact of new technologies and platforms on broadcast media.

Click here for full details of speakers and workshops. We hope you're able to join us for our conference at the Oaks on Market in Melbourne's CBD.

2015 Annual Conference

NEMBC - 2015 Annual Conference

Save the date for the NEMBC Annual Conference 27 - 29 November 2015


The Ethnic Broadcaster

NEMBC - The Ethnic Broadcaster

Winter 2015 issue out now!



Media Kit for new communities

NEMBC - Media Kit for new communities

The Media Kit helps new and emerging communities get involved in media and community broadcasting.


Tool Kit for Talking to Decision Makers

NEMBC - Tool Kit for Talking to Decision Makers

The Tool Kit aims to help broadcasters talk to decision makers on issues affecting their community.


Who we are and what we do

The National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council (NEMBC) is a national peak body that advocates for multiculturalism and supports multilingual community broadcasting around Australia. The NEMBC contributes to media diversity in Australia by maintaining and connecting people to their language, culture and identity.

The NEMBC provides services and projects focussing on youth, women and new and emerging communities, not forgetting our very important established communities.

The role of the NEMBC is to:

The importance of ethnic community broadcasting in Australia

In every state capital there is a large multilingual community radio station and there are hundreds of general community radio stations in cities and towns broadcasting multilingual and multicultural programs. Community radio forms a large part of the media landscape, with 57% of Australians tuning in to community radio each month. Recent national surveys revealed that in an average week the sector produces 2,439 hours of multilingual language programs, a 40-hour increase from 2007, and broadcasts in over a 100 languages. This unique extensive network of locally produced programs provides a vital support for Australia's diverse communities.

Policy development and government lobbying

The NEMBC lobbies the federal government for additional funds for the ethnic community broadcasting sector. Providing a voice for multilingual broadcasters, the NEMBC advocates for maintaining and increasing the present level of funding and recognition for the sector. The NEMBC produces a number of policy submissions each year to the government in the areas of community broadcasting, multiculturalism, media diversity, human rights and social inclusion.

Programs and services

Through its national committees, membership of multilingual and multicultural programs and various projects, the NEMBC supports, assists and provides opportunities to develop multilingual and multicultural community broadcasting around the country. The NEMBC has Youth and Women’s Committees with representatives in each state and territory and the Youth and Women’s Officer manages a number of projects every year. The NEMBC provides a service for established language communities and runs special projects for new and emerging communities.

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