2019 NEMBC Broadcasting Awards

2019 NEMBC Broadcasting Awards Application Form

  • Please read the NEMBC Broadcasting Awards Application Guidelines before applying
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    Accepted file types: mp3, pdf, docx, doc, Max. file size: 16 MB.
      If the Entry requires the submission of an audio component then the Applicant has the sole responsibility to provide a MP3 file that is accessible and playable to the adjudicating panel.
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      Accepted file types: pdf, docx, doc, Max. file size: 16 MB.
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      • NEMBC Awards Terms & Conditions of Entry

        1.The National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council from here on in referred to as the NEMBC are the producers and intellectual proprietors of the NEMBC Broadcasting Awards from here on-in referred to as the Awards

        2.The term Applicant here-in also refers to the Entrant and their submitted Entry which are one and the same. The term Board also refers to the radio station’s Executive governance and/or leadership members.

        3.The Applicant(s) by applying/entering the NEMBC Awards acknowledge and agree that they are bound by the Terms and Conditions and the Award Category instructions of both singular and plural. Failure to tick Entry form box or abide by the Terms and Conditions here-in shall render an Applicant ineligible for the Awards

        4.The Awards are only open to current financial member stations, groups and/or individuals of the NEMBC. Submissions must be relevant to broadcast programs and/or other events throughout the Radio station which occurred in the previous year.(The Manicaros Project Award excepted refer to Entry form instructions)

        5.All individual program and/or individual applicants are required to have their entry verified by either the Radio Station’s President of the Board and/or the Station Manager before submitting their entry. The President and/or the Station Manager can submit their own entries without verification.

        6.Entry to the Awards must be submitted through the on-line NEMBC Award entry page awards@nembc.org.au or by post (hard copy and/or a USB data storage device) clearly marked as NEMBC AWARDS ENTRY, PO Box 1144, Collingwood, 3066 Vic.

        7.This Agreement’s Terms and Conditions are effective as soon as the Applicant signs the Entry form and it is deemed the Applicant has read and understood the Terms and Conditions here-in.

        8.Completed Award entries must carry all the correct program/individual details on the application form as this information shall determine the official wording on the winner’s Award. The NEMBC will not be responsible for any spelling or incorrect information.

        9.Entries must be submitted and received by no later than the advertised closing dates. Entries received after this time will not be accepted.

        10.Award winners and/or finalists from previous years cannot enter the same work in the same category as this will disqualify the application and/or entry.

        11.A maximum of 2 (two) entries per category per member per radio station can be accepted. However, an Applicant may be able to enter a similar entry under a different category provided the Applicant provides a full entry for each and every category entered.

        12.If the Entry requires the submission of an audio component then the Applicant has the sole responsibility to provide a MP3 file that is accessible and playable to the adjudicating panel. Only MP3 files of a maximum of 10MB per Application/Entry will be considered – Other format sound files to the NEMBC shall not be accepted.

        13.If supporting documentation or audio files are required and are not provided to the NEMBC through email attachments or by post through hard copy and/or a USB data storage device, then the relevant Applications and/or entries will not be considered for adjudication. The adjudicating panel will not contact nor correspond with any Applicant for whatever reason including requesting the Applicant to comply with additional information or rectify an erroneous entry or entries.

        14.All award Applications must be clearly labelled with the Station, Program, Entry Category and title before being submitted. Any unclear or vague information shall not be adjudicated. It is advisable to keep personal copies of all that you have submitted as the NEMBC will not send any material or audio files back to the applicant as the submission remains the property of the NEMBC.

        15.Applicants must make sure there are no outstanding intellectual third party copyright issues with the program and/or entry submitted as these may restrict the rights for the Award winning property to be reproduced or utilised to promote the radio station or the individual Applicant. It is the Applicants responsibility to seek and obtain any such copyright or intellectual property rights from all relevant third parties before any promotion can happen.

        16.All entries related to broadcast programs must also supply a 30 second grab from the program submitted for adjudication as this audio file will be used (playback) at the presentation during the Gala Dinner event and Awards presentation on the 26th November 2016.

        17.The NEMBC adjudicating panel’s decisions are final and no correspondence, communication and/or discussion shall be entered into regarding the adjudicating process and/or the outcomes determined.

        18.Winners of all Awards and/or the winner of a particular category may be specifically requested to attend and/or make themselves available for any media promotion and/or other public relations activity post Awards presentation ceremony.

        19.The NEMBC at its sole discretion, reserves the right to alter the Entry deadline and/or vary the terms of entry/agreement at any time for any reason inclusive of cancelling the Awards.

        20.The NEMBC at its sole discretion, reserves the right to override the adjudicating panel and not present an Award(s) if it deems the quality, substance or content of the Applicant and/or Applicant’s entry for any reason does not meet the NEMBC’s standards.

        21.If any provision of this agreement is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the provision is deemed to be severed from this agreement but as far as possible all of the remaining provisions are not affected.

        22.The wording herein this Agreement pertains to both the male and female gender and to both the singular and plural.

        23.This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of all parties and it cannot be altered or amended with unless agreed upon in writing by all parties herein with the exclusion of points 17 and 18 within this Agreement which remain the sole discretion of the NEMBC.

        24.This Agreement shall be constructed in accordance with the laws applicable in the State of Victoria, all other States and Territories and the Commonwealth of Australia.