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The NEMBC would like to help facilitate better access for ethnic community broadcasters to develop employment pathways to the ABC or mainstream media. The long term goal is to improve media representation and diversity in Australian media.

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The NEMBC’s has a strong membership base of 600 ethnic community radio broadcasters and each radio program has several producers, panel operators and members of the language groups.  The sector includes more than 4000 volunteers from 125 distinct cultural groups who create 2,118 hours of content every week in over 108 languages which are broadcast via 80 radio stations.

We have the added capacity to access and develop training options through our Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) and to make applications for funding through the Federal or State government.

We have had conversations with the ABC and in 2016, with the then General Manager and Ms Michele Fonseca announced a partnership would be formed with the NEMBC. We have also had meetings and discussion with a number of News Rooms and scoped a partnership with the ABC.

The NEMBC has been working in a number of spaces regarding representation in the media, these include:

  • Media Representation – Conference with African Media Australia. The NEMBC held the National Migration Media and Integration /Social Cohesion Conference in May 2016. One of the aims of that conference was to look at ways it could influence and support more diversity in the media especially in relation to new immigration patterns and arrivals to Australia.
  • Communication and agreement with the ABC.
  • Academic Support: Our conferences and magazines have featured a number of prominent academics discussing media representation including Dr John Budarick, Lecturer, University of Adelaide; Dr Tanja Dreher, Senior Lecturer, Communication and Studies (ARC Future Fellow), University of Wollongong.
  • The NEMBC recently formed a partnership with Media Diversity Australia (MDA) who spoke at the NEMBC Youth and Main Conference in Canberra in 2017.


The NEMBC sees this as a long term project and believe that Ethnic community broadcasters need to be supported if they enter into a mainstream media position or work at the ABC. We don’t want to just send people into the ‘mainstream’ media treadmill with all the pressure that applies with such a job. We think it’s in everyone’s interest to make sure our ethnic community broadcasters understand and are equipped as best they can before taking on such a task.

We believe that cultural changes need to occur at the ABC or media newsrooms, because while our ethnic broadcasters are suited to community broadcasting, they might not be ready for the mainstream media treadmill. Similarly we need to identify any training options that can up-skill our broadcasters.

Our main concern is about sustainability, even if our ethnic community broadcasters get past a two week practice run and enter a longer term arrangement there is always a chance of drop out.

It’s going to be a long journey so thank you for filling out the survey. We will be in touch.