2018 NEMBC Broadcasting Award Winners


2018 Youth Presenter of the Year

Recognising a young presenter aged between 15-30 years who produces a radio program with a youth focus who has made an outstanding contribution to ethnic community broadcasting.

Sandy Al-Aweik, Muslim Community Radio. The Winner Sandy is a young Australian Muslim of Lebanese background and a program producer/presenter and youth volunteer coordinator at Muslim Community Radio. She is one of the presenters/producers of Surviving the HSC – a ten part radio series that aired during the 2017 HSC period. The series targeted Year 12 students and their families and featured episodes that were both informative and reflective

2018 Volunteer Contribution of the Year

In recognition of an individual volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution to Ethnic community broadcasting at their station or in the sector.

Wynn Te Kani, Radio 4EB. The winner of this award is a reporter, interviewer, radio broadcaster and program producer at Radio 4EB. She has been a member of the Maori group and committee member for 18 years, producing and presenting for other shows and contributing to Australian Community Radio. She has been an active Community Elder and consultant across Indigenous, Maori, Pasifika, Multi-cultural and Australian communities and multiple networks, supporting issues like health, children’s rights, youth, individual justice, and prisoners

2018 Innovative Radio Program of the Year

For an ethnic program that showcases the innovative content, technical skills and good quality program making.

Multicultural AFL Football Show, 3ZZZ. The Winner the AFL Multicultural Project is an ongoing initiative with 3ZZZ and the Australian Football League that is broken down into 3 main elements and is offered in English, Mandarin, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Dinka, Hindi and Arabic. The 3 key components of the project are:

  • A half hour English language podcast program.
  • News segments about the AFL season in 8 languages.
  • Live calls of AFL matches in 7 languages.

The partnership with the AFL has given broadcasters the opportunity to be trained by a professional commentator and access to seasoned professionals who work in the sporting media of Melbourne.

2018 Women’s Presenter of the Year

Recognising a female ethnic broadcaster who produces a radio program with a women’s focus who has made an outstanding contribution to ethnic community broadcasting. There were two winners:

Ira Patkar, 1CMS
Ira joined community ‘Radio Manpasand’ in 2015 as a presenter. Radio Manpasand broadcasts weekly with interactive and informative shows in Hindi language, targeted to the Indian-subcontinental community within Canberra and surrounding regions.

Remadevi Dhanasekar, 4EB
Rema started her journey with Radio 4EB Tamil-Oli in 2014. “Tamil-Oli” is the “Tamil Language Group” that broadcasts a total of seven hours of programs weekly. Rema is the convenor of Tamil-Oli and contributes to the community broadcast sector as a female presenter, strategic planner of the Tamil-Oli to recruit and retain broadcasters and the engagement with the community.

Most Valuable Contribution to the Conference

This is a new Award to recognise the Outstanding Contribution by a Station to the Conference. The Winner is 1CMS for there commitment over the last 6 years to send the largest amount of participants to the NEMBC Conferences and especially for Perth because they sent 18 people (11 were youth) and they raised here own funding and crossed four states to get to Perth.


Thanks to all the finalists

Rachel Kwack , Radio 4EB, QLD Rachel joined Radio 4EB as a volunteer broadcaster in 2014. She convenes the Korean Language Group which broadcasts a variety of different topics to the Korean Australian Community in Queensland. In 2018 Rachel was formally appointed as a Brisbane International Student Ambassador as part of a Brisbane City Council initiative.

Negin Goudazi, Radio 4EB, QLD, Negin joined Radio 4EB in August 2016 and has been a very active member for the Persian Language Group. Since 2017 Negin has been producing and broadcasting a program on GLOBAL called ‘Radio Mehrbanoo’. The radio content is made up of topical stories and interviews on women’s challenges and life issues.

Sonia Parra, Hobart FM, TAS, Sonia is a broadcaster from Hobart FM. She started the radio project “Why I settled in Tasmania” when she saw that not many women were represented on multicultural radio. The idea was to give voice and opportunity to some women of under-represented communities to tell their stories to.

Rise – Restoring the Holy Grail – The secret places of Sri Lanka, Radio 4EB, QLD. ‘RISE’ is a (1) one hour multicultural community radio program broadcast monthly on Radio 4EB.  The program features inspirational topics and interviews with creative thought leaders, their ideas and practices on the RISE in Australia and Asia-Pacific Communities. The program provides an original, fresh approach into new (and ancient) frontiers involving selected academics, professionals and visionary individuals who are innovative in their respective fields. The program has high production values and features topic-themed music from rising Australian Artists and other music artists from around the world.

Why I settled in Tasmania?, Hobart FM, TAS. “Why I settled in Tasmania” is a radio project that covered the issues and life experiences of young, mature and old migrants with refugee backgrounds. Re-counting first-hand the stories behind the faces, lives and achievements of members of these communities.  It was also an opportunity to talk in their mother language and in English, and make their own translations.  All the interviews were translated from language other than English to English for their own interviewed.

Reconnecting in Rabi^ ul-Awwal, Muslim Community Radio, NSW. Reconnecting in Rabi^ ul-Awwal is a special series presented on the occasion of the Mawlid. The Mawlid is an Islamic occasion that is celebrated during the Islamic lunar month of Rabi^ ul-Awwal and commemorates the birth of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The 2017 edition of Reconnecting in Rabi^ ul-Awwal focused predominantly on the ‘Multicultural Mawlid Concert’.  For 2017, the focus of the series involved the culturally and linguistically diverse performers of the Multicultural Mawlid Concert, but not necessarily in the style of a question and answer interview.

Egyptian Radio Program, 5EBI FM, SA. The Egyptian Radio Program on 5EBI FM addresses numerous issues on a needs and feedback basis. From inspiring local and overseas (home country leadership) to international and national sports, economical, educational and community issues – all are addressed during the one hour program. The program brings attention to educational, social, domestic disparities, even road rules issues. It provides the opportunity to address different point of views of individuals and any critical issues facing our society.