How to produce content from home and send it to your radio station

Broadcasters have been staying away from their radio stations and most stations are turning to remote broadcasting – producing programs from home.

The NEMBC held two webinars to assist and inform stations. The last webinar was a joint CBAA, CMTO, SYN and NEMBC webinar on how to set up and produce content from home. It’s a very useful webinar: this will most likely become the new norm for producing content in the coming months. Watch the webinar and start setting yourself up.

Watch the Webinar and get some useful tips as a Quick Guide.

Equipment you will need: 

  • A computer or laptop with a good amount of space to store audio
  • An external hard drive (backup and extra space to keep files off your computer)
  • Portable recording device or a headset with a microphone or a mobile phone voice recorder
  • Sound editing software (Audacity is free and Hindenburg have a 30 day free trial).