Latest news about NEMBC’s response to the Coronavirus

The NEMBC is assisting its members and radio stations during these difficult times with information on the Coronavirus pandemic.

National Multilingual News Service

The NEMBC has started a Multilingual News Service (MNS) and is producing daily news bulletins in 6 languages with plans for expansion.

The MNS is produced by ethnic community radio broadcasters in Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Punjabi, Pacific Islander English and Mandarin with plans to include Indonesian, Vietnamese and an Asian English program this week.

These daily 5 minute news bulletins are available for free to any ethnic community broadcasters that would like to play them on their programs. Listen to the programs on Soundcloud or request an MP3 file be sent to you from to receive them daily before midday from Monday to Saturday.

Click here for more information

Community Service Announcements

The NEMBC is distributing Community Service Announcements (CSAs) produced by 4EB Brisbane’s full time ethnic station with the support of the Queensland Government. If you would like a copy of any of the 44 languages, please email and identify which languages you require. The CSAs are short 4 minute MP3s.

The CSAs are in the following languages: Cantonese, English, Finnish, Italian, Korean, Punjabi, Serbian, Ukrainian, Albanian, Arabic, Aramaic, Cook Islands, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Dutch OLD, Fijian, Filipino, French, Greek, Hindu, Hungarian, Latin American, Macedonian, Maltese, Mandarin, Maori, Nepalese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Samoan, Sinhalese, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Thai, Tokelauan, Tong, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Kenya Rawandan.

Station Webinars

Broadcasters have been staying away from their radio stations and most stations are turning to remote broadcasting – producing programs from home. This is more the case in NSW and Victoria. 4EB in Brisbane closed its doors and has minimal operational staff at the station and is maintaining full programming.

To assist in this regard, the NEMBC held two webinars to assist and inform stations. The last webinar was a joint CBAA, CMTO, SYN and NEMBC webinar on how to set up and produce content from home. It’s a very useful webinar: this will most likely become the new norm for producing content in the coming months. Watch the webinar and start setting yourself up.

Equipment neccesary for remote broadcasting

Link here for useful tips for recording content at home.

The first webinar held 19 March was with 4EB where we heard from other stations how they are moving to remote broadcasting. Watch the Webinar.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with the discussion on the Coronavirus, we suggest you join the CBAA FaceBook Group.

Useful Resources

For members who want accurate and reliable information about COVID-19, there are a number of Government and the federal Department of Health websites worth visiting. Also, view your local and State Government websites for more relevant information about your area.

The NEMBC has received a link from the Australian Government Department of Health to Fact Sheets in different languages that you can use on your programs. We believe there are more coming, and hopefully as audio podcasts. The languages are: Greek, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Farsi, Korean, Italian, Persian, and Korean.

If you want to receive daily news bulletins about what’s happening around the country for your radio program, we suggest subscribing to Medianet – an AAP business. They have just opened their news bulletins for free subscription due to the Coronavirus. Go on line and subscribe at Medianet:

Australia Government Department of Health

For internationally focused news, go to the World Health Organisation (WHO):

For more information contact the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters Council (NEMBC). Email Russell Anderson on:

Stay tuned as we frequently update this web-page.