Next Generation Media

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Summary of project
An intensive media and broadcast training project to engage more
ethnically diverse young people in community broadcasting and provide
them a sound basis for ongoing media participation. This unique project
goes beyond training – it’s about engaging our emerging youth

Would you like to sign up, please fill out this application (click here) and email it to

For anymore information please contact Aguer Athian call or sms on 0431 113 989  email

Or Russell Anderson 0418630237 or email

Training will start in early to mid February and then on-air broadcasting from March to May 2020.

The project details
The project aims to recruit African young people, not currently involved in community broadcasting, to undertake an intensive media project in order to engage more ethnically diverse young people in community broadcasting and provide them a basis for ongoing media participation.

The intensive 2-week training program includes leadership and media training as well as visits to radio stations. After the training, participants produce weekly programs for three months at a community radio station.
The training aims to empower young people of migrant and refugee backgrounds who are often unrepresented and/or misrepresented in the media generally (as well as unrepresented in the community
broadcasting sector).

The project aims to give young people a voice in the media and an opportunity take leadership roles in the media. This will provide a greater sense of belonging and inclusion for culturally and linguistically diverse
young people.

The project anticipates that these young people stay involved in community broadcasting and produce their own programs, seek employment in the community sector and, with support, become the future face of ethnic
community broadcasting.

Many culturally and linguistically diverse youth, especially newly-arrived migrants and those from new and emerging communities, do not receive sufficient support and education in how to effectively establish their
own voice in the community and how to communicate and engage with the wider community about what issues matter to them and the migration experiences of recent youth arrivals.

Our leadership training will empower culturally and linguistically diverse youth with the confidence to communicate their ideas to the public, actively facilitate and encourage public discussion on topics such as migration, multiculturalism and diversity in Victoria and educate the wider community to embrace cultural diversity. This project will also equip participants with radio broadcasting skills and understanding how to
produce quality content.

The project seeks to engage 20 to 25 young people in the training.
There are five main aspects of the project:
1) Leadership Training: This two-day training component empowers participants with the confidence and ability to take on leadership roles, and develop the capacity to be representatives of their community. The training will help participants understand the meaning of leadership, how to be a good leader, working effectively with people and conflict resolution. Other topics include: project management, team building, public speaking, voice training and working with the media as a community spokesperson.
2) Radio Training: The three-day radio training component provides radio broadcasting techniques including:
interviewing, technical skills, building a radio program, basic audio editing and recording, recording a live demo, basic broadcast law, panel operation, preparing run sheets and scripts.
3) Introduction to the Media: This part of the training offers insights and understanding of the journalism and media industry in Australia. This two-day training will provide an understanding of the media from both media
producer and media subject points of view, and an introduction to ethnic community broadcasting.
Participants will also be trained in what makes quality news, how to angle a story, getting media attention, designing the radio program, framing editorial policy and an introduction to media law and Community
Broadcasting Codes of Practice.
4) Touring Radio Stations: Students will tour different types of radio stations in Melbourne. This is an excellent
way to gain insights in how radio stations operate, and to compare and contrast the different types of radio
and get to know station managers and volunteers.
5) On-air broadcasting: After the training, participants will go on-air at a radio station for 12 weeks. An experienced broadcaster will also mentor them to create quality programs and support them to achieve positive ongoing outcomes.
The media and radio training are based on the units from Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media).