Russell Anderson


Russell is a communications specialist with extensive experience from 21 years in various media roles. He has worked as: a journalist, in media production and management, as a trainer and as Senior Media Advisor for East Timor’s national radio and television station.

Russell has established his own organisation, led teams, and advised institutions. He has worked for international organisations including the United Nations, UNICEF, UNDP, AusAID and for national and international NGOs and local government.

Working with the international NGO Foundation Hirondelle, Russell managed a radio production unit and trained a group of seven Timorese to produce a daily one hour program on refugees. The program was broadcast on the United Nations Radio and on Radio Republic Indonesia.

With strong experience in the community broadcasting sector, Russell was a driving force behind the establishment of 2 NIM-FM. Russell trained disadvantaged youth in radio and television in North East NSW and worked closely with 2NCR and Linc TV. He was a journalist on 8 Top-FM.

Russell’s life is dedicated to strong principles and values around issues on the environment, human rights and social justice. He has always been driven by a sense of fairness and justice.