Position Vacant: Graphic Designer


The NEMBC is seeking a graphic designer to layout text and pictures, with some graphic design work, for our Ethnic Broadcaster magazine which is produced three times a year – in March, July and October.

To apply applicants should send thier CV and any material or a website url to show thier work.

Closing date: 15 March 2017 – please submitt as soon as you can. 

A graphic designer with excellent skills across the Adobe creative suite, in particular InDesign and Photoshop is required for the layout and design of a triannual magazine publication in the not-for-profit sector. The applicant would be required to layout text, photos graphics and add design details to the publication template three times a year, working to tight deadlines and with a great attention to detail.  The brief below details the particulars of the magazine and its requirements. Please pitch your application, send a CV and supply examples of your work to Russell Anderson Executive Officer, exec@nembc.org.au


The graphic designer will be employed as a contractor to the NEMBC and be paid upon final delivery of each edition. We would require an hourly rate and work-sheet for the first production to create a set rate for each production, with the successful applicant. See below for more detail on the ‘Costing’.


The Ethnic Broadcaster (EB) is the journal of the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council, representing and resourcing ethnic community broadcasters across Australia. Historically the journal has been a way for the NEMBC to communicate the organisations activities including lobbying, training and advocacy, and a way to discuss and critique current mainstream policies and attitudes to multiculturalism in Australia. It is also a platform NEMBC members can use to communicate events and stories from their own stations. It is a very important publication because it creates a sense of community, identity and shared experience for hundreds of NEMBC members and related community organisations. Members of the NEMBC broadcast in over 100 different languages every week on community radio stations across Australia. Our members are all ages and genders and they have different stories to share about their experiences of migrating and settling in Australia. More information is available on our website: www.nembc.org.au


Ethnic Community Broadcasting at a glance

Hours of broadcasting per week                               2118

Languages broadcast                                                   108

Number of cultural groups                                         125

Number of stations                                                      131

Number of regional & rural stations                         79

Number of metropolitan stations                             52

Number of volunteers involved                               4,000

NEMBC Duties to the Graphic Designer:

Provide a template and style guide for the Journal

Provide the content for pages in a set of folders

Provide all photos including the front cover

Request design options such as mastheads

Do a final review and proof-read


Project applicant’s duties

The applicant will be required to:

  • Layout text and graphics for the EB, three times a year.
  • Edit photographs to the required specifications.
  • Create graphics when required.
  • Maintain a neat template and consistent styles and formatting.
  • Work to a style guide
  • Work to a set publication deadline.
  • Provide the final format in In-Design PDF
  • Liaise regularly with senior staff members regarding content and design.
  • Provide a packaged InDesign file of the magazine to the office for final proofing before the print deadline.
  • Suggest creative design improvements.


The Ethnic Broadcaster is an A4 glossy magazine published in full CMYK colour.  Images are to be supplied at a minimum of 300 ppi and formatted for print as .eps or .tiff files.  The page count of the EB varies from 28 pp to 38 pp depending on the amount of content received or planned. In particular the ‘Around the Stations’ section of the magazine fluctuates from about 4 pages to 6 or 8 depending on submissions. To view our EB Journal go to:


Graphics and tables

The EB makes use of graphics where possible, with tables and graphs added for interest or to illustrate data.  A minimum of one image per page is aimed for. Different headers are used to distinguish different sections and non-NEMBC content. The design of the header is usually reflective of the content – particularly in the case of content from different organisations. Consistent headers should be used for regular sections of the magazine, such as the youth pages, women’s pages, CBF grant information etc.


 Content for each page will be supplied to the designer for layout and formatting. The NEMBC will be responsible for copy-editing and proofing the content. The content will be provided Microsoft word, in a series folders to identify each pages, and in the folder will be the pictures of graphics. The successful applicant will be required to fix errors in the design and layout of the magazine and suggest and implement improvements to the template in consultation with staff.


The NEMBC estimates costs at the following:

  • The NEMBC will provide a template In-Design and Word documents and pictures in folders ready to be laid out. NEMBC will provide mastheads where possible.
  • Estimate that each page would take approximately 45 minutes to complete. This would include layout, styling, photo editing and layout of simple graphic page mastheads. 24 hours for a 32 page magazine and 20 hours for a 28 page magazine.
  • The base pay for layout would be 32 page magazine $750 and 28 page magazine $625. (The initial first time layout would provide an extra $300 fee for the graphic designer to familiarise themselves with the template). Ongoing regular layout would be at base rate fees.
  • Additional work would include the creation of graphics for the front page, back page or any requests for mastheads to be created, or extra work on photographs and would be recorded hourly at $30 an hour by the graphic designer).


For all enquiries please contact the NEMBC by phone on (03) 9486 9549 or email exec@nembc.org.au