Next Generation Media

The project aims to recruit African young people, not currently involved in community broadcasting, to undertake an intensive media project in order to engage more ethnically diverse young people in community broadcasting and provide them a basis for ongoing media participation.
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Online Safety Awareness Campaign – Start the Chat

The recently launched national Online Safety Awareness campaign aims to arm parents, carers and teachers with the right resources to help keep children and young people safe online.
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SIGN UP. The NEMBC would like to see better access for ethnic community broadcasters to develop employment pathways to media. Sign Up and find out about how we can assist you.
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MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES: The NEMBC is looking at ways to engage, train, entertain and develop diversity and multicultural radio reporting for our sector by assisting our members to extend skills and their radio program to a wider audience. SIGN UP HERE
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About the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters' Council

The NEMBC is the peak organisation representing ethnic community broadcasters across Australia. The NEMBC advocates for multiculturalism and media diversity and helps people connect to and maintain their language, culture and identity. ABN: 82 932 609 229

Become a member

NEMBC memberships expire at the end of each financial year, on 30 June. To renew your membership, contact the NEMBC Operations Officer at or 03 9486 9549.